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Adept I

Absolutely disgusted in the quality of performance with my 5700 xt


destiny 2 massive problems. The game is literally unplayable and warzone is constantly stuttering and low fps at medium settings 1080p. Pretty sure vsync is messed up as well in warzone.  

I dont play a ton of different games but the few games I do play I get unplayable performance. 

I will never buy amd again. Honestly you're the worst. At this point selling an AMD gpu is a scam. Never in my life have i bought something so expensive and spent more time troubleshooting it than actually playing the god **bleep** game.  

Drivers are a complete mess. I must have installed/uninstalled drivers around 200 times since buying the **bleep** thing. 

It's been about 6 months since buying the card and the retailer said I cant return it for a refund so I have to rma it.  And I will. It's been a complete let down in every aspect. Completely destroyed my experience.

0/10 would not recommend AMD gpu's to anyone. Infact I'll be warning people to stay away from them. Even the newest 6000 series cards cant manage a stable 60fps in destiny 2.

I'm done troubleshooting this piece of crap. The moment I can get hold of a good nvidia card like a 2070 super or a 3070 then ill be selling my rx5700xt and I'm never buying amd again. Not even for their cpu's. I'm completely done giving money to amd in every way and thats what they get for pretty much scamming people with promises of high end performance and never once did it deliver. 

I get better performance out of my hp pavillian 1660 super pc than my fully amd rx 5700 xt nirto gaming rig. What an absolute pisstake.


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Read this

Seems that AMD will never fix the DX11 overhead problem. AMD performance is very bad in cpu heavy scenarios while using DX11. If you plan on playing DX11 games i strongly advise selling AMD gpu.

AMD repeatedly said they won't fix this issue ever. They moved onto DX12/Vulcan. Seems they didnt get the memo that DX11 AAA games are still released as of even today[Days Gone is recent example]. The fact that they don't disclose this info clearly is outrageous and a complete scam. It should also be a valid ground for RMA, but shops and AMD will send your GPU back if you RMA it for this sole reason. It's a very bad company -avoid all their products.

  • Yer I'm just going to sell it. I've been quoted £320 for it at the pawn shop. 

I've got roughly £350 saved up so I'll have around £650 for a new GPU.

The second I find an rtx 2070 super or better for roughly £500-650 I'll be taking the craphire rx 5700xt nitro straight to the pawn shop. I'll be glad to see the back of this card it's been an absolute nightmare. Never again. 



With modern CPU u should not have any problem with DX11 driver overhead. BTW NVIDIA has higher overhead in DX12 games than AMD. Hardware unboxed reported it on their videos awhile ago.


Hi @makkara 

Although I am trying to hold out with my Radeon, that hardware unboxed test is not an accurate real world presentation, since they only test it with high IPC CPU's, even the i3 they used they were wrong to call it a low end CPU, but should've rather called it a low threaded CPU, since modern i3's also have such high IPC that it will hide single threaded bottlenecks for the most part.

Furthermore, Radeon will perform better in DX12 in most cases, but in general (including some DX12 titles) Nvidia performs considerably better CPU side if it is a high core low IPC CPU, especially in DirectX 11 games and this is because it seems a larger part of Nvidia's driver works on the CPU to ensure that draw calls are handled better, which means their driver is more dynamic than AMD's driver and performs better for the average gamer; which I can confirm because I bought a refurbished GTX 1060 to test these scenarios. In general I get at least 6-10FPS more CPU side with my GTX 1060 on my FX 8350 than with my RX 480; in Unreal Tournament 3 I get 60FPS more in certain parts of the map.

In addition, if your GPU is jumping clock speeds like that on stock settings it might be largely due to a bad original application of the thermal paste. I have experienced this with my RX 480 and very neatly reapplied the thermal paste and thus far temps are down to 74C and max load with consistent Turbo Clock-speed at stock settings.

Kind regards

Maybe this will help you:

Solved: 5700xt Crashing - AMD Community )

Solved: Re: 5700xt Crashing - Page 8 - AMD Community


My XFX RX5700 XT running smoother since the driver updates ath the beginning of 21.
cant understand this massive problems
Just Warzone is impossible to play...

valorant 240fps 1440p high quality
pubg 180fps 1440p mid/high quality


bios up to date?
second monitor with different  resolution running?
windows 10 gaming modus still active?
kaspersky running in backround?


greetz, Curtis

Ryzen7 5800X 4,95ghz; LLC3; 420mm Liquid Freezer2; Corsair RGB Pro SL 32gb/2 - 3600mhz CL18; Sapphire RX6800 Pulse OC; Asus XG27AQ 165Hz; MSI X570 Gaming Plus PPT:137W EDC:135A TDC:95A; BeQuiet! PP 730W

>Just Warzone is impossible to play...

That's the symptom of the disease we are discussing here. If you play multiple DX11 games you will start to notice this, frametime spikes[UE4 and unity with their object garbaging/creating that is excarberated with lack of DCL and lack of multi threading of draw calls] or downright very bad FPS in areas with lots of objects -GPU is often underutilized while FPS is bad. Of course game can be coded badly, but even a badly coded game on DX11, works better on nvidia. We are not talking about average framerates, we are talking about minimum framerates in heavily cpu scenarios/areas in games. 

Adept I

Yea I feel you man, I have my 5700 xt for a year now and so far I'm not that impressed. Mine overheats so much that it became my ac for the winter. Also recently a day after downloading the new 21.2.5 driver update i've been getting a lot of frame drop. Exemple I'm playing cod on 1080p at 130 fps than all of a sudden I will get  3 fps resulting my  game crashing. And with each day i've been getting this bullcrap more and more frequently, so frequently that I can't even get in the loading screen, that I'm having 3 fps than crashing. I also saw that it does terribly at low fps game. I'm truly disappointed.

My advise is to do what I'm doing. Sell it and buy Nvidia. I originally had a 5600 xt and upgraded to the 5700 xt for the extra 2gb of vram. Both cards never really impressed me either. Their just too unstable.

I got Godfall with my gpu and it was a game made to run better on AMD cards and holy crap it was an absolute mess. Stuttering constantly and bad optimisation with massive frame drops. 

I'll be glad when it's not my problem anymore. AMD just flat out sucks when it comes to drivers. Not worth the hassle at all. I'd rather just pay a little extra for a better experience than spend all my time messing with drivers and settings. It's been so bad. 

Mine has never over heated though and it's quite as a mouse even when playing demanding titles for long periods. That much I cant fault the nitro for. It's the stuttering and fps dropping in to the 30s in destiny 2 and into the 60s on cod even at medium settings 1080 on both games.

Anything above 60fps on high settings I'm normally happy with but the stuttering is what I cant stand. I play fps pvp games more than anything so stuttering is a big no no for me.

Either way I'm done with it I'm going team green for my gaming rig from now on.





I have the 5700 XT Gigabyte and its cool and preforming very good for the money I paid for it. 
The thing about AMD products is that you need some tinkering with them, some love this, others will hate this.

To make the 5700XT perform you need to undervolt it and make the fan start a little bit earlier. very easy to do in AMD software.
Before my Settings the card got up to 2150 MHZ and then it started bouncing between 1600 and this 2150, increased the fan to about 50%(this will diff depending on model) and a small undervolt. Now I have stable 1950-2050 MHZ and card is performing better or as it should for its price.

When Stressing the card in Superposition Extreme 3 loops:

  • GPU TEMP 58C
  • VRAM 66C(hotspot)

I've done a million different things trying to get rid of the micro stuttering. It's a constant thing that happens while playing and I just cant put up with it anymore. 

Amd GPU's are completely broken in destiny 2 which is the game I play the most. Only way to get half decent frames is with a driver from over a year ago but there is a persistant stutter that I cant get rid of. Just like with warzone. It started about a week ago in warzone but destiny 2 has been unplayable for 8 months almost. 

I'm done messing with it now. I just want to sell it and get a gpu that can handle demanding games without a constant micro stutter. 

I set my over clock with adrenaline and tbh not a thing changed. Still have the stutter even on low settings.

Everything is up to date and I've watched tons of videos over the past week trying different settings and over clocks

 Nothing is helping. I can get good scores in benchmarks but when I play demanding games I get a constant micro stutter. 

My gtx 1660 super locked at 75fps gives me a perfectly smooth experience. Never dips below 75.

I can get a smooth 144fps in apex legends with no stutters at all. So it's not just a problem with any game. It can run none intensive game really well but demanding games seem to always have a micro stutter. 

God fall, destiny 2 and now warzone. 

My 5700xt stutters constantly. Like every 5-10 seconds I'll get a micro stutter. I cant bare it anymore. I'm done with it. I'm just looking for a replacement right now. I've got the money just sitting there waiting for a decent gpu to pop up somewhere.




CPU bottleneck? Vsync problem?

Verify fps spikes with frametime graph.

Adept II

I recently switched from 5700 XT to 6800 XT. Although I am quite satisfied with the current card, I can say that the 5700 gave me absolute hell. To be honest, I still don't know why I trusted AMD again. They did an amazing job with their lineup, but the whol 5700 XT shenanigans fall nothing short of a scam.

Seems as some cards in the 5700xt series was broken when shipped, might be subject to a bad quality controll at AMD or their partners. ASUS had some problem with heating due to failed mounting of heatsinks but even if you exclude ASUS from the defect card equation it seems to many cards is/was broken. 


The problem with Asus cards was acknowledged by them, but it was certainly not limited to them. I had a PowerColor Red Dragon and that card was no less of a headache. Similarly, I heard a lot of complaints from owners of cards from other brands as well on my quest to adapting to life with 5700XT shenanigans. Needless to say a lot of tech reviews ended up labeling the card as "Yeah, pretty much great on paper, but what's the point when you can't use it reliably?"

It's true that some people did get properly functioning cards, though I believe they were kind of a minority. As I said, I am quite happy with my 6800XT right now, but I don't think I'll ever forget what I went through with the former one. AMD pulled off a massive flop with those cards and actually turned off a lot of people for good.