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Journeyman III

A8-8650 (NOT PRO) Radeon R7 Graphic Driver causing "bugcheck" which results to BSOD?

- Got a busted A8-5600K and replaced it with A8-8650 since we're only using it for streaming videos online.

- Installed Adrenaline 2020 and it suggested to install the v19.x.x of Radeon Software - got BSOD during installation

- Tried to reinstall after reboot = successful since I got no BSOD

- After that, PC keeps on getting BSOD every 1 hour - same error: kernel_security_check_failure (139); Logs showing bugcheck (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffff80611e6b440, 0xfffff80611e6b398, 0x0000000000000000)

- Made some changes on the drivers = update/disable/remove, but still no avail

Reinstalled Windows:

- No crash/reboot/BSOD

- Installed Adrenaline 2020 before installing anything else = got BSOD issue again and still bugcheck errors.

Any workaround on this bugcheck issue produced by AMD Radeon Software?

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