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Journeyman III

A8 7600+R7 240 Dual Graphics don't working

Hello, everyone.

I update an old dual core rig that already have a R7 240 (XFX Low Profile, 2GB DDR3, 780M Boost 128MB) with a new mainboard (ASRock FM2A58M-VG3+ R2.0), APU (AMD A8 7600) and RAM (2x Hyper-X 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz).

The choice of these hardware was made thinking in use the Dual Graphics to have a better horizon line in games at 720p, movies at 1080p and things like this, but now, with all drivers updated to the last version (Crimson ReLive 16.12.1), i see that Dual Graphics isn't working. Windows detect both video adapters, CPU-Z and GPU-Z can show the two charts, but on Crimson theres only the offboard one where my screen is plugged in.

I think maybe this issue can be happening because of the XFX 240, which have some specs different than others... but i can be wrong and this could be some software issue (I already use an A10 7850k in dual graphics with a R7 250 and NEVER had any problem, it was plug and worked like a charm).

Someone can help?

UPDATE - Dec 12th:

After a lot of work installing, updating, uninstalling and all, i was able to activate Dual Graphics using an older version of Crimson (16.7.2), what isn't the most recommendated solution, since if i update this one to newer versions the dual graphics is gone again.

For now, the PC is working very well and i can feel the bennefits in applications that are cappable to use this, but, like i said before, i can't do any update in these drivers, what made me think that it is some software "issue" on new versions of Crimson in these Hardware.

(Sorry about my english. It isn't my mother language, then... you know...)

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Journeyman III

Re: A8 7600+R7 240 Dual Graphics don't working

i have a A10-7600 apu and a r7 250 card and ive been trying to get dual graphics for a month. i just keep hoping that ive missed something. on a ASUS A68HM-E board. that supports dual graphics. Any HELP? jnaut69