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Adept II

A8 6410 APU-AMD site problem - Please fix it

Hey AMD , when I choose to download drivers from there :


Then choose A8-6410 with Radeon™ R5 Graphics  ,it says that last driver is 17.2.1 , but latest WHQL 17.12.1(Adrenaline) works with my CPU (with a problem)

and latest Beta 18.2.1 works perfect and the problem of 17.12.1 solved

For other APU's , site says that the latest drivers are 18.2.1 and 17.12.1 .....

Please fix site's issue

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Adept II



Why are you trying to install drivers for Xconnect?

AMD A-Series A8-6410 Notebook Processor - Tech

This is the correct way to find/download the drivers for your laptop.


I don't try XConnect drivers , did you see the picture ?

I chose APU Laptop

Yes I saw the picture...did you?

There is nothing wrong with the site. The problem is elsewhere.

You don't have a problem except you are doing it all are the latest drivers for your laptop (18.2.1) using the search feature I posted >

Laptop graphics update...How to

AMD XConnect  and APU are not a combined sections. They each link to different pages. The OP is correct. The links are not correct. This is a common issue with many links on the AMD site. To many in fact to even list. Plus if it is the wrong way to choose the driver why is it even there? To me it just seems a quicker even easier way to get to drivers if you really already know what you are looking for.

XConnect goes here:


APU laptop goes here:

Notebook APU Drivers

Seems to me that the OP was just trying to help. And he is not wrong the other way lists the apu then he chooses his apu from the list but that link goes to 17.2.1! If there is a wrong way to go about it then AMD shouldn't even have those links to begin with. They are labeled with the OP's hardware so anyone could and likely would reach the same now outdated driver he did. He is just pointing out it needs to be updated, I'm not sure he needs to be treated like he did something wrong.


It's pretty clear to me...and I have never heard of anyone confusing the links under AMD Xconnect . Do you think that if you click 'Desktop' under Xconnect it will send you to the correct driver for your graphics card, whatever it may be?  Do you think all APU's use the same driver? Some can not use drivers past the 17.1. They are not supported by newer drivers.

It's been established over the years how to choose the correct driver and I see no confusion...


Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today? Are we not all trying to help? Dude You are claiming them to be the same section, they aren't. Your wrong, get over it. The sections are separated by the BOLD FACED HEADERS. Do you not see the that? Do you not see the links I provided from those? Do you not see the pictures with circles and arrows the OP provided? I can't help you, the OP only wanted to help everyone and you are obviously only interested in proving you are correct. So why don't we agree to disagree and someone over there at AMD do the right thing and lock this thread. OMG


Yes I know but look at this

There is a problem with the site ! A8 6410 supports newer drivers ... 18.2.1(for example)


Thanks I get exactly what you are saying and run into these things on the AMD site all the time. When I was new here, I was very confused. I kinda got it figured out now. I don't know why they need so many different ways to get to the same place. It only compounds the problems when things do get updated. Just make it one way to do it and when you update you only have to fix one link. I wish I could fix it for you, hopefully others will figure out what you are saying and realize that yes it leads to a now outdated driver. Heaven knows many need the newest drivers to fix current issues.

Thanks for your help!

Lots of users may think that APU - A8 6410 has not new drivers because of this problem ...


I completely agree, and those subsequent people will be here complaining over a problem that was totally avoidable. Like I said I appreciate you trying to help and would do the same.