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Adept I

A10-9600p with R5 Graphics having issues with drivers not working and reinstall was useless?

Recently I've updated my graphics card drivers, and after this I've gotten little yellow triangles with exclamation points inside them along with error code 43.

Done multiple clean uninstalls and reinstalled the correct (along with other) drivers and I am still getting the same triangles and the same error code.

Would this be a hardware issue? Or would something be stopping my download from installing the graphics card drivers correctly.

I've turned off windows defender and run a maleware detection program to see if maybe I had a virus causing the issue, and nothing has come up.

Any comments, or help would be greatly appreciated.

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We need screenshots


Don't know if these will help, but I keep getting the same outcome when doing a clean uninstall and installing the "correct" drivers.

Have you tried using DDU to remove the drivers? After restarting, Windows should install everything alone


I have, and it doesn't seem to work. D:

Are you trying to install the correct driver? This is the only driver you install: Laptop graphics update...How to

Download Drivers

Windows 10 users must disconnect from the internet while uninstalling/installing AMD drivers and have rebooted your computer. DDU has new instructions..make sure you have the latest version

Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers


I am having the same problem as the original poster, I can confirm that I DO have the right drivers for my pc, and that me and OP's computer have the same APU. Clean install DOES NOT WORK. No many how many times you do it, Code 43 will ALWAYS be a problem. I've tried 5 different versions of graphic drivers, all of which were compatible and the issue was not fixed. Code 43 may be a hardware issue, but I don't know myself.