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A Thank You for driver 20.3.1 - win7

For me it's the most stable driver since 19.12.1 that I used previously. I've tried most drivers betwen that release and 20.3.1, including other 20.x releases.

It fixed instant replay with Rainbow 6 siege (previously the game would stutter heavily with it enabled), for example.

It allowed me to have more than 1 display connected when booting up (would BSOD before on drivers between 19.12.1 and current, I had to wait with connecting secondary displays until windows booted), as another example.

It allowed me to play a few VR games that had blackscreen at launch before.

Instant replay can be kept in memory now, which fixes the problem where the hard drive would spin up to save it, and saves SSDs from wasted wearing. Great feature.

My system usually has high uptime - 2 weeks at the shortest. With previous drivers, sometimes waking up from sleep would corrupt the screens, and I would have to re-plug them. This driver doesn't have the issue - maybe it was fixed in a previous release but as they had other issues, I couldn't test them enough.

I dislike the new interface and default keybinds, but now, at the very least, the interface informs a user that Delete clears the keybind and they're gathered in one place. In the previous one, some of the binds had to be cleared with registry edits, and were all over the place. So that's a plus.

I've cleared them all but the sidebar one - I wish I could customize it so it always shows most used buttons:

Save instant replay(that one is present, but not always), enable/disable instant replay(that one is missing and I don't need my GPU memory to stay in high state all the time), show performance stats (fps/cpu/mem)- I don't need last game played, version, and upgrade advisor in a quick small bar - they just take precious space and serve no real purpose, to me at least.

Drivers still have some minor issues like sudden 26% minimal fan speed, that is way higher than what I had set before - my card could easily cool at half of that during idle (current RPM is 1200 instead of ~650, and I can both see and hear the difference).

So again, thanks for this release. Fixed a lot of hard bugs, introduced a few minor ones, I hope the next one is even better.

My specs:

ryzen 2700x

16GB ddr4 3600MHz (set as 2933), goodram irdm pro

asus x370 pro

5700 xt, sapphire nitro+

Corsair RM650 (650W)

Patriot VPN100 512GB NVMe

Windows 7 (and Windows 10 1909, Ubuntu 18.04 as secondaries)

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Adept II

Re: A Thank You for driver 20.3.1 - win7

Nope, I have tested this driver with 5700 XT. Yes, it is "somewhat" stable. But playing a game while recording with Radeon Relive, a black screen happens ALL the time after minutes of gameplay.

I have tested 20.1.3 driver, I didn't have this issue. So I thought, maybe, I should DDU again and install 20.3.1. Nope, same problem. So I went back to 20.1.3 again, it doesn't have any issues.

AMD should just release a driver that does not have these issues or not release anything at all. They're always getting my hopes up.

Adept II

Re: A Thank You for driver 20.3.1 - win7

I have fixed my black screen issues for newer drivers (I'm currently at 20.4.1). Just had to lower the GPU memory overclock -10MHz (real), making it run @ 900MHz).


Re: A Thank You for driver 20.3.1 - win7

Gonna advise you.

Set your driver to default

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 

An before you say anything about the driver. TRY IT FIRST. if you don't like it. Uninstall it.

But i can assure you. You wont have problems. I have been using it for years. No problems.