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7900XTX Problems with multible Monitors and VR



i recently updated from a RX6800 to an 7900XTX and next to the performance bugs it has in some VR games i get some other problems i never saw someone else have.

i use 3 Monitors 2x 1080p and one 3440x1440p monitor and an VIVE Pro 2 for VR.

my ultrawide is running on Displayport, one 108ßp is on HDMI and one on Displayport to HDMI.

the Problem is every time i start SteamVR it will turn of the 1080p Monitor that is connected to Displayport,

its kinda sad because the RX6800 is running that setup without a problem and i miss this one screen later in VR for my overlays.

but if its only be just like that it would be just a inconvenience, sadly after i close SteamVR and turn of my VIVE the monitor dosnt turn on again and i have to unplug the connector and plug it in again.

That turns it back on and Windows is detecting it but the HDMI connected screen will then turn Green and only a restart will fix that. regardlees how many monitors i unplug and plug back in the HDMI connected monitor stays Green.

i do think for that reason it should be a Software/driver bug.

Maybe someone has a Solution or a workaround for me. or it will give some information to fix that Potential Bug



Ryzen 5900X

Asus Crosshair VIII Formula

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Adept I

Same issues (and more) with my 7900XTX; I upgraded from a 5700XT that was running flawless with the same setup:

- one 3440x1440 60hz display (HDMI)

- 3 1920x1200 60Hz displays; I use 2 DP ports with 2 of the displays daisy-chained (also tried to daisy-chain all three but it gets even worse)

- HP Reverb G2 over DP port

Eyefinity is configured for the 3 1920x1200 displays but the same issues occur in one way or the other without Eyefinity too.

Issues (cc: @Matt_AMD ) :

1. if the VR headset is connected, only 2 displays (3 if they are grouped in Eyefinity) work. It's usually the 3440x1440 + one 1920x1200 that light up

2. with the VR connected, if I try to connect/disconnect/turn of/off some displays, the driver will time out, OS freezes for tens of seconds and eventually all screens are black; in 90% of the cases, I can still RDP into the machine and reboot (a popup stating that the driver timed out or is in safe mode can be seen over the RDP connection)

3. activating / deactivating Eyefinity by turning on/off monitors in the Eyefinity group while the VR connected leads to black screens and sometimes hard reboots/freezes that can only be solved with a reboot

4. when booting with ONLY the 3 displays that should be in Eyefinity ON, all I get is 3 separate displays; I have to turn one of them on/off for Eyefinity to kick-in

5. in my case, connecting / disconnecting VR and or displays when some are blank doesn't fix the issue, it typically makes it worse (entire system freezes, RDP does not work, I have to force a reboot)

The only thing that works for me:

- create Eyefinity group for the three 1920x1200 displays (you can do that if no other displays are connected when you create the group - another "great" feature of Adrenalin)

- configure Windows to turn off the 3440x1440 display when the other 3 in Eyefinity are ON; if left on, driver will freeze and/or some of the displays will blank

- boot with the 3 1920x1200 displays OFF and VR disconnected

- turn on the 3 displays ONE BY ONE SLOWWWWLY (after turning on each one, I have to give time to Windows/driver to....meditate?); the wide one is automatically turned off by Windows when all three are on

- connect VR

- when done with VR, power off the VR headset first

- turn off one of the Eyefinity displays (the wide one turns on); turn off the other two, one at a time, at least 5-10sec apart

- TADAAAAA, feel great that you 1200+ euros are not a total waste!



Funny is now that i have more problems the last days with VR, VRChat is crashing ongoing and its strange.

either VRC itself is just crashing or the entire GPU driver hard chrashes.

when i run the VIVE in lower res i mostly have VRC crashes and they mostly after 30-45min, full res brings that down to under 30min or even in hard cases after 20sec (and that is then a Driver crash). i still test around here and got the tipp to turn off SAM for fising it.

i tested at that weekend a different monitor too, i wanted to see if the Displayport to HDMI cable is maybe a problem and i used an old Ultrawide i hade that has Displayport but its still the same the one Displayport gets turned off if its not the Main screen.

I will test here now more with SAM turned off but it will need some time.


for now i run my VR headset at a lower resolution and it helps for now with the annyoing Monitor trun off bug. And i have way less crashes of the Driver too, btw here a little funny bug with OC if i OC m GPU and its enought to just put the Power limit up i have bad performance in VRChat (way more lagg spikes ans crashes can happen) but without OC its fine, not great like it should be but at least its somewhat stable frames