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7900xtx in VR with Valve Index - 144HZ Mode not working, Display stays dark.

Hello AMD Team,

i have a problem with my 7900 XTX and VR. It seems that the 144HZ Mode of the Valve Index is not working. I have searched the Internet and on Reddit in the SteamVR Forum, there are multiple Users that have the same Issue. I want to ask if AMD could fix this issue in a Driver Update, is this possible?


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Journeyman III

Hi AMD Team,

I also have the same issue on my 7900XT. When 144Hz mode is selected there is no display output on my Valve Index. Given the power in this card i am disapointed as my old GTX1070 could do this. I'm considering reverting to Nvida as this appers to be the only solve for the issue currently.

It dose feel like a driver only issue, I know its niche but its becoming less so. 

Kind regards

Adept III

If your card is under 2 weeks old, you may be able to return it for a full refund. You should 100% go NVIDIA for VR, no doubt about it. AMD don't have the technical capabilities for virtual reality. NVIDIA are the experts here. You'll notice that with the new 7900 gpu cards, NO WHERE did they mention VR. But in the 40 series NVIDIA cards, they all mention VR ready on release. Stay away from AMD with VR.