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Journeyman III

7900XTX crashing idle and on games

Hi i was wondering if anyone knows a fix for the error (Default performance tuning settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure). This error will happen idle while on chrome and discord but not when i am playing cod for 5hrs +. On Fortnite it will happen if i tab out too. I am just very confused on why it will flicker both displays and freeze for a second and then my system settings reset as well as twitch or yt having to be refreshed. System specs- 7900xtx,5800x3d stock, bdie 4000mhz ram set to 3200MHZ  CL14 with these timings 14-14-14-14-28,b550 Asus Rog Strix B550-F, 750 watt PSUhad no issues with it ran a 4090 for 7 months. I know the ram is stable. I had fixed this issue before then had another issue with the whole pc turning off so i got the 750 watt PSU off a irl friend and that was fixed got the b550-f that same day brand new and was forced to reset the pc then this crash started happening. I hope to hear some help soon Thank you.

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Adept II

Welcome to the club, this is a common issue by now for the 7000 series, and no news from AMD about it. I tried every "fix" in the book, got a new CPU, new PSU, RAM, nothing fixed it so far. Next thing i am gonna try is replacing my CMOS battery. For me strangely, i can play a game for hours, and nothing, but the second i edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, i get the same, blacks screen, and pc restarts. It mostly happens after a cold reboot.




Yeah mine wont turn off but its a 50/50 if my discord or chrome will fully close and i asked for a new card to see if thats the issue but im 99% sure its a driver issue. Every part is brand new in my system so its gotta be driver or card or even both just hope it gets fixed asap


Found a temp fix for now and its to do a full DDU in safe mode and download driver again but only drivers not adrenaline software with it.If u try this lmk how well it goes for u but so far for me its stable and a little less fps but id rather that then crashes.


Thanks for the tip, but i already tried this temp fix, for two days it was fine, than it just started to crash again.