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Adept II

7900xt multiple monitors

Im having issues with multiple monitors while gaming. I set to full screen borderless, i have choppy frame rate with windows on my secondary monitor, with no windows it smooth. fullscreen exclusive no studders with windows. my frame rate is dropping in half with fullscreen boardless. I exclusively play full screen boardless. ive also noticed parts of my secondary goin while with a 4k 60hz. choppyness is happening with a 1080p 165hz secondary.


Ive been mixing and matching secondaries and hzez. will test more with lower hz on 1080p secondary. 


This is most certainally a driver issue that shud be resolved. Please solve this quickly this shud be priority.

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Adept II

update: not choppy in 60hz at 1080p on secondary. 

other info: there is no frame rate drop with 4k60hz secondary just a occasional white screen. All tests were conducted on updated 23.1.1 drivers.


for extra info all test were run doing mw2 benchmark.


Multimonitor supports needs more attention.  Since the new patch at least the energy consume ist down to 50w on desktop, even with 144hz on the primary monitor, but as soon i change the second one to 144hz the 100w usage is back again. I found out the most stable way to use a second screen on my side, is to configure it to 60hz only. Both have WQHD.

Journeyman III

I am also having issues with multiple monitors.

I have 3 screens : 1x 4K with 2x 1080p; all monitors are 60Hz and are drived by a 7900xtx

I also play exclusively fullscreen borderless and have a lot of shutter for the whole computer same if I also stream at the same time


I had no problem with a GTX1070ti and RX5700xt


The RX5700xt had similar problem at 2 years ago for me but driver updates fixed it,

so like @cvint I think it's most certainly driver issues


I think window mode is always kind of a probelm. Had this with my Geforce 1080 too.


In 5 years of games in fullscreen borderless, I had only some fps less than exclusive fullscreen with my GTX1070ti, only with the RX5700XT and now the RX7900XTX, I have shutters, like 1 fat second halt, more time and it would be a blue screen I think