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7900XT Constant Driver Crashes

Hi, since switching to AMD i have constant crashes (driver time out) if I use my Multimonitor Setup - (4k@60Hz - DP, 1440p@165Hz - DP, 510x1920@60Hz - USB-C). Even clicking on a Window on another Monitor causes things to crash. Alt+tabbing out of games to click on a browser tab is a guaranteed crash. I have no problem with this setup when Using a NVIDIA Card. I disabled MPO, I disabled FreeSync and still - horrible as before. Any tipps?


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If you are experiencing constant driver crashes with your AMD graphics card while using a multi-monitor setup, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. First, ensure that you have the latest drivers installed for your AMD card and perform a clean installation if necessary. Check that your system meets the minimum requirements and that all cables and connections are secure. Disable any conflicting software and try different display ports. If the issue persists, it is advisable to contact AMD support for further assistance. Remember to back up your data before making any changes.

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I have been having shocking crash issues with Witcher 3 (both upgraded and DX11 versions). Only the game, not the system as such. I have experimented with various things and so far have had success with turning off FSR (2), which has given me a crash free experience in that game. I haven't had issues in others, so maybe only a Witcher thing.

I have a 7900XTX and run 2 1440p monitors, the main an ultrawide one btw.