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Journeyman III

[7900 XTX] Update to 23.2.2 driver Causing 'No Display' Issue with Primary Monitor

I have 2 monitors and am on Windows 10 22H2.

So I tried updating to the latest driver, 23.2.2, and I started getting an odd issue where my primary monitor stopped receiving a signal. I can turn the monitor off and back on and it'll get a signal again, but this happens on every boot. When I turn my PC on the UEFI/BIOS shows up on the primary monitor just fine. But as soon as it goes to the Windows login, it stops receiving a signal and everything is on my secondary monitor.

I've tried using DDU to do a clean uninstall & reinstall but that didn't work. I tried rolling back to an earlier version 23 driver and still same issue. I had to roll back to 22.12.2 for everything to be working without issue.

Was wondering if anyone else had encounter this, or if this could be a known issue with the driver?


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