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Journeyman III

7900 XTX problems

Hello, I've been having oddities since I installed the rx 7900 xtx in my system.

First of all, I've been having Core Clock Spikes even while using Adrenalin Software, the core clock jumps from 100-200 MHz to 1300-1400 MHz for no apparent reason, in Adrenalin my I9 9900k CPU goes from 16% usage on windows at "Sampling Interval (s): 2" to 53% usage at "Sampling Interval (s): 0.25", all this while the GPU Usage ranges from 0.6% to 29.4% to 32.3% at "Sampling Interval (s): 2" and 53% GPU Usage at "Sampling Interval (s): 0.25", which is kinda insane for a random software.
But the same weird things happens even while playing low GPU games (OpenGL in this case), such as Noita, when my core clock keeps flickering from 100-200 MHz to 1300-1400 MHz spikes, in one occasion my computer even froze/reboot.

For those who are curious, my computer have a Intel I9 9900k without overclock, an Corsair SF750 Platinum Power supply and an RX 7900 XTX, have tried Furmark, Superposition, Kombustor and it didn't restart from running these stress test for 30 minutes, while it indeed has rebooted after playing Noita for some hours. It's also weird the amount of coil whine while running a low power game such as Noita, while playing other not so demanding titles the core clock remains stable at 1500 MHz and doesn't dip/flicker to 200 MHz, but after noticing the same thing happening while browsing Adrenalin software, I thought it would make sense make a post here to see if it's an issue with my GPU or if it's also happening to others.

Also, the windows task manager does not report the GPU usage % correctly, while it says that Adrenalin is using 50% of the RX 7900 XTX GPU, Windows says that only 19% of the GPU is in use, which is a odd behavior



So I'd like to ask here if someone is having similar issues or if it's just a GPU design choice or something around these lines, as I'm not very expert in GPUs, thanks for reading too!

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