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Journeyman III

7900 XTX not recording in-game Highlights in War Thunder/ PLEASE FIX

I just switched from a  strix 3080 to the new Sapphire nitro 7900 xtx and i am having regrets over the missing feature.

The 3080 would auto record clips and highlights of enemy kills which i would then use to create YouTube videos.

I have downloaded the AMD ReLive and i have the instant replay record turned on but it won't record.

But the new Red GPU  does not offer that feature and i will have to switchback to Nvidia if team Red cannot resolve this or come up with a fix.


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Adept I

It sounds like you're experiencing issues with recording in-game highlights in War Thunder using your new Sapphire Nitro 7900 XTX, and you miss the automatic clip recording feature that your previous Strix 3080 offered. Here are some steps and considerations to potentially resolve this issue:

1. **AMD Software Settings**: Ensure that AMD ReLive is properly configured. Double-check all settings related to instant replay and recording within the AMD software. Sometimes, specific settings or permissions can prevent recording features from working correctly.

2. **Game Integration with ReLive**: Verify if War Thunder is fully compatible with AMD ReLive. Some games might not fully support all features of ReLive, leading to issues like the one you're experiencing.

3. **Software Updates**: Make sure that both your AMD drivers and the ReLive software are updated to the latest versions. Updates often include bug fixes and enhancements that could resolve your issue.

4. **Background Applications**: Close any unnecessary background applications that might interfere with ReLive's recording functionality.

5. **Permissions**: Check if the ReLive software has the necessary permissions to record gameplay. Sometimes, security settings or Windows permissions can restrict recording software from functioning properly.

6. **Hardware Acceleration**: If available, enable hardware acceleration in the ReLive settings. This can improve recording performance and stability.

7. **Alternative Software**: If ReLive continues to not meet your needs, consider using third-party recording software like OBS Studio. OBS Studio is a popular choice among gamers for recording and streaming, and it offers a high level of customization and control over recording settings.

8. **Feedback to AMD**: Since you prefer staying with team Red (AMD), consider providing feedback to AMD about this issue. Companies often update their software and features based on user feedback, and your input could help improve ReLive in future updates.

9. **Check Online Forums**: Look for online communities or forums where other users might have shared solutions for similar issues. Websites like Reddit, AMD’s official forum, or even War Thunder’s community forums can be valuable resources.

10. **Reinstallation**: As a last resort, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the ReLive software. Sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve unexpected bugs or conflicts.

Remember, recording features can vary between different graphics cards and their associated software. While the NVIDIA and AMD ecosystems have similar functionalities, there might be differences in how these features are implemented or activated.


I really appreciate you taking the time to put together this reply. I will go through all these steps and see if i can come to a fix.

Thank you again kind sir  


So there is a fix or maybe its just the way things work with Team Red. There is a hot key shortcut for recording instant replay and you have to hit that hotkey combination every time you want to record a highlight (so it will record the highlight that happened up to 2 minutes before you hit the hotkey for recording).

It is not as good as the Nvidia as you can just focus on playing the game and the GPU does the highlight recording itself but this will do for now.

hopefully they can come up with auto record as well.