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Journeyman III

7900 XTX Graphical runtime crash and Black screen and restart

So i know some people has the issue with the "Graphical runtime detected a crash or loss of device" and can also be connected to black screen and auto reboot of the system with 7900 XTX cards. This for me has always been tied to when i play some diffrent games i regulary play and has been enoying me for some time! I installed the full version of the New driver 24-4-1 "its not only tied to this driver moore about that later" with Adrenalin software. I had my card in stock mode "factory mode/ out of the box" and i could play for a 5-10 min before i get the error code "Graphical runtime detected a crash or loss of device"! and i tryd to DDU and install it agin and agin and agin. untill i tryd somthing new. I booted into failsafe mode and DDU and did an factory resette on card to prevent somthing that i dident know about. After i DDU i installed (only) the Drivers not the full version or the medium verison to se if the software could cause any of this crashes. when all is done i got in to windows and installed Afterburner to check some graphs is theres thermal throtling or any issues. so i playd for an while and the got black screen and my pc auto rebooted. i Started to check the clock speed and the memory speed while it crashed and i saw that while loading in to an instanse with alot of assets the 7900 XTX that i taught had an clock limit to what you sett on ran over 3790 mhz and the pc died so i tesed other games that has the same DX11 same thing load in and the gpu start screaming and got to over 3790 mhz and pc crash and this is also tested with locked clocks and undervolting, same thing! For me this is an suprice that Radeon DO NOT have an locked/Caped frame to prevent your gpu to get rosted even if the temp is not hight the core temp is glowing. the only possitive thing is that i do not thet that Error code from before.

* Conclution: Adrenaline is obv crashing becures of the same reason the computer restarts but to prevent that and for that will give you the error "Graphical runtime detected a crash or loss of device".

For the restart and black screen is pritty obv that the pc/GPU are trying to protect it from dmg with those boost clocks!

How can AMD/Radeon fix this? if they could lock the max clock to not get over 3400 mhz this crashes would not cause black screen and restarts.
for the Adrenaline software they need to rais the cap before it release that error to prevent unnessesary errors. And they can probs correct me of im wrong.

How to solv this before fix: I got mine to work after som testing and it should not be needed for an premium product. Do try this on your own risk! and if you do let me know if it works for you?! 


I DDU in the fail safe mode and installed the 24-4-1 drivers in FSM aswell with the only drivers option not Full or medium and with Factory "resette!" when i got into windows i downloaded and installed Afterburner and  opted this stats

Core Clock: 3100mhz

Memory 2700 mhz

Core Voltage 1135mv 

Powerlimit: 15%

Fan speed: Agressive (to prevent over heating ont the loads)

UPLS: Disable


and now everything is working for me!


you probs need to finetune the Core volt with the undervolt for your need (all cards are diffrent)


Why dose some cards not work and not mine?: it can be 2 factors factor 1* silecon, factor 2* some manufactors probs have an build in safe mecanic for over voltage and clocks.

My pc specs:
Ryzen 9 5950X

Motherboard: MSI MEG 570X Unify

GPU: XFX Merc310 Speedster 7900 XTX
cooling: NZXT Z73 360
Powersuply: Corsair 850W 80 gold


Let me know if this fix your problem and if you have any question just dm.


Pictures from it all:

// NiXeR

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