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Adept I

7900 XTX disabling VSync On some games when recording/screen capture is running 

The problem seems to only occur on 7000 series AMD GPUs, doesn't happen or my old 3080/RX 580/6700 XT

ULPS is disabled and doesn't seem to affect anything.
The monitor has FreeSync and is 160 Refresh rate, but FreeSync doesn't affect the VSync State at all.

The problem doesn't care about Full Screen / Borderless mode

The problem occurs also with other screen recording software such as obs/discord not only AMD instant-replay.

Tried DDU/Revert to older drivers/Re-install Windows/Re-install chipset nothing helped

Some of the affected games:-
League of Legends
Path Of Exile (The one in the video footage)
Lost Ark

As soon as there is some sort of recording or Even discord share screen (Application/Game selected) the VSync becomes disabled until the screen capture activity stops.

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