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Journeyman III

7900 XTX and XV252QF 390HZ


I can only set my refresh rate to 360HZ max. Windows doesn´t let me go up to 390HZ.

What i already did:

-Enable OC in the monitor settings

-Install monitor driver provided by acer

-I tried to force 390HZ vie CRU, but the driver seems to reject it. After restarting it doesn´t show any different resolutions/refresh rates. I even erased every option except 1920x1080 @390HZ but it still doesn´t work.

-I have Freesync disabled.

-Updated AMD Driver to the latest version (22.12.2)

-Reinstalled Windows 11

-Erased every monitor in the device manager (even the hidden ones) except the oney with the acer driver.

-I use the DP cable which came with the monitor.


Previously i had a 5700XT. I didn´t had any problems choosing 390HZ with it. It worked just finde. But after Building a New PC with the 7900XTX i can no longer choose to run 390HZ.

I don´t have any more ideas on what i can do and i alsowe don´t find any other solutions on the Internet. I´m looking for a solution, since the GPU released, every day.


I hope that someone may be able to help me. 

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Journeyman III

same for me, used 390 Hz before with my rtx 2080 ti without any problems but I am unable to use the 390 Hz on the 7900 XTX, if I try to make a custom resolution it already has an error without even changing anything, hope this get fixed soon