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Adept III


  • Hi AMD team,

Regarding the investigation into the very bad VR performance on the new 7900 series GPUs, are there any updates?

It's very good that the team is working hard to clear some other bugs that other people are having issues with, like high power usage with more than one monitor, or crashing in some parts of some various games, but I feel like these are minor bugs compared to what the VR community are experiencing. We can literally not play VR at all. Not a single VR game.

The state of the drivers for these cards is not only that the performance is lower than expected, but as reported by everyone using VR, major stuttering in every game, which makes VR completely unplayable.

We are a small minority, I know, but we've spent thousands of dollars in equipment just to get us to where we are now, to be able to enjoy a niche hobby. I've put nearly 15 thousand dollars into my rig alone, a dedicated VR sim racing cockpit. I use VR exclusively for it, and for it to all go unused because I bought the top of the line AMD GPU product is saddening. 

But what's more, I believe it's unacceptable that the only information we can get about VR officially from AMD is that "the problem is known and under investigation". 

Most of us work extremely hard, have families and responsibilities in our lives, and what little time we get at the end of the week or day, we like to spend enjoying our hobbies. We spend good money to do this.

So please AMD, give us a better update and understanding of what's going on with the drivers for the 7900 series cards for VR. Give us a time frame for when we should expect fixes to start being rolled out, and give us some hope that it can be fixed. 


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Adept III

What a shame by AMD.

Adept III


Community Manager

Please use the existing discussion to track future updates to this issue. 

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