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Adept I

7700X IGPU Driver Problem

Hi all, first thread here, I recently built a new system on a strix X670e mobo, 7700X cpu and strix rtx 4090 OC gpu.

I have two monitors, one that I run off the 4090 and use to run my games on and the second screen that I run on the igpu to run telemetry and other small apps whilst gaming.

I have been having a problem where my pc locks up and crashes randomly when in game. When I reboot the pc the monitor that displays the apps with the igpu is blank and when I go into device manager it says the radeon driver has been disabled, when i re-enable it I get error code 31 straight away. 

In the end I have to uninstall the radeon driver and reboot my pc for it to automatically instal again.

I am only using some basic amd driver for the igpu and not adrenaline as it does not play well with nvidia drivers.

Any idea on what could be causing this and how to fix it?


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