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Adept I

6950XT Game Stuttering Findings (shader cache)

I recently got a brand new 6950XT (Sapphire Nitro+ PURE) and been spending many hours over the past week trying to solve the stuttering problems in a few games I play, i.e. Destiny 2, Fortnite.  I tried every troubleshooting setting in existence it felt like.  Using the latest AMD (optional) drivers, full install.  I got to the point where I was about to return it and get a 3090TI which is sad because I love this card and the new AMD Adrenaline software.

However, I noticed that the longer I played, the smoother it got which I have seen similar mentions when using DirectX 12 in the forums.  It seemed like a cache or something was being built and sure enough when I deleted the shader cache in AMD settings the stuttering came back in full force.

Using Fortnite DX11, which was the worst, I watched the shader cache file grow with every match I did and sure enough the game got smoother each match and as I explored new areas of the map.  I only tested it for maybe 45 minutes today and the cache file is now 300MB and but overall stuttering is drastically reduced.  I notice the exact same effect in Destiny 2 and also with Borderlands 3.  All of these games were noted as having stuttering with this card.

So seems like there are some shader cache issues going on here.

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Adept II

5600x and 6800 here.

BL3, D2, GTA V all suffer from this. D2 the worst and B3 significantly too.

i reconed that it might be a shader issue since it generally got less over time, but certainly nowhere near acceptable.

did you keep your card? im still unsure if this will get fixed or if i should return the card.

i had a 3070 with 0 game issues before, just that the card was **bleep**ty itself..


I'm running the 22.9.2 driver on a reference 6950xt, GTAV  doesn't appear to have these issues you describe, and I've had the game run ok for hours at a time. Having said that I wouldn't rule out other odd behavior that an nvidia gpu wouldn't display.  (I've had many nvidia gpu in the past).

All I can suggest is DDU your driver and try a different version.  I think because the 6950 is such a new gpu it may not be fully optimized yet so one driver that works for someone may not for everyone else.  I also know that shader caches shouldn't need wiping if you dont change drivers.  There is a benefit doing it if you do however, some games run terrible if you dont wipe the cache (Star citizen does that for me).


I see a new beta driver came out today but @amdmatt hasn't made a post about it yet.


funny thing is i tried a dozen drivers (at least with destiny) and they were all horrible or bad.
namingly: 22.5.1, 22.5.2, 22.9.2, 22.9.1 and 22.Q2 and 22.Q3. and i used DDU each time.

right now im using 22.9.1 as that seems to be the least horrible one. i havent tried earlier drivers as im unsure if they're worth my time. also be aware that im using a 6800 although i think the problem is the same.

gta 5 only has a few frame drops, its nowhere near as bad as destiny, but im assuming its caused by the same problem.

Adept II

i just hope amd at least acknowledges this issue exists, but so far nothing

doesnt really leave me confident in keeping the card