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Journeyman III

6950xt Driver do not install, AMD detected driver not loaded on system

Hi all,

3/4 Months ago I Bought a 6950xt but its drivers keep giving me problems since.

3 weeks ago windows installed a new driver as part of a windows update,

resulting in my AMD adrenalin (22.11.1) GPU driver giving me the: The version you have launched is not compatible with your installed driver ....

PC only runs one screen, device manager tells me there is an issue with the device (GPU) and it has stopped.

Decided to do a fresh install of windows 11, turn off automatic driver install by windows and install the AMD driver manually.

While installing the driver the installer prompted me with the following message: AMD has detected that the driver failed to load on your system.

I tried running DDU and different versions of the AMD driver, but nothing seems to help.

Would anybody happen to know any next steps to take?


Gigabyte Radeon 6950xt OC

Gigabyte Aorus Pro B450

Ryzen 5 2700xt

16 Gb ddr 4 3600 mhz ram

1000 w Seasonic PSU

Kind regards,


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Thank you for your response!

Unfortunately the issue is back.

The AMD driver does not want to install/stay installed.

Sometimes after trying to install it 10/20 times it works for some reason. After witch i restart my PC and it reverts back to the windows standard display driver.

Upon further investigation in the device manager the GPU displays :

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Device PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_73A5&SUBSYS_52301849&REV_C0\6&3b9d8a3&0&00000019 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: oem10.inf
Class Guid: {4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
Service: amdwddmg
Lower Filters:
Upper Filters:
Problem: 0x0
Problem Status: 0xC00000E5




What you need to do is stop/prevent Windows Update from automatically changing/installing different "updated" drivers. 

After making this change, reboot your computer and reinstall the desired AMD driver.

How to stop updates for drivers with Windows Update

Lots of people don't like the idea of 'stopping/delaying' Windows updates. I won't get in to that. Here is a way to prevent Windows Update installing any drivers. This does not effect the security, quality,  patch, or any other type update...they are presented as normal.

In don't have to worry about WU installing (changing) AMD graphics drivers.

This is done through group policy:

Type gpedit in the search bar...follow > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update



On the right side scroll to Do not include drivers with Windows Update policy and double click it. Select the ENABLED option.



Click 'Apply' then OK.

Reboot your computer.