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Journeyman III

6950xt crashing and low fps

Hello, my Setup is 5 5600x 32ram 3600hz a 6950xt from amd and a b550m ds3h. So my games and sometimes my Computer crashes. And while i should get like 140 fps in wqhd i only often get 100 or 70 with stutters.(But crashing happens to often to ignore). The 6950xt doesnt show up on taskmanager on the processes starting page but it can be seen in performance tab under Gpu0 so im not sure but i think and hope its bios related. My Bios is F1 so i think thats bad and wanted to know if i should update. Btw the rx6950xt is capable of doing 100% but never does it only goes up to 30-60% and its also not bottleneck bc my cpu is also somewhere around there. And when the 6950 is giving 100% it can do so for atleast 10 minutes as i stresstested it for so long with adrenalin and the temperature doesnt go higher than 71 degree Celsius. Please help!

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