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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

6900XT no longer getting updated drivers?

No new drivers for the GPU since 12/8/2022.  I know there are the new 7000 series and they are the forefront right now, but there are a lot of 6000 series owners like myself that are hoping for better improvements and optimizations.

I have had the 5700XT and the 6900XT and I have refused to buy Nvidia due to the crazy prices they are charging.  But I can say when I was with Nvidia, they updated drivers for all cards in their lineup and not just their latest ones.   

Some are even thinking this is a tactic to force us to upgrade our cards.  While I do not think at all that is the case, product support is very important and I am hoping I am not on the final drivers for this card because things are not smooth always like they should be with the 6900XT power capability.  

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