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Journeyman III

6900xt Black screen crashing in Warzone 2


Just recently warzone 2 has started black screen crashing while in a match. The fans still run which leads me to believe its GPU or driver related, but I have to manually power of my pc and restart. I lose all input and output, and display goes to no signal. Timing seems random. It's happened 1 game in, or 4 hours of playing. I have the most recent drivers. 

CPU: 12900k

MB: MSI z690-a

32gb ram

Things I've tried:

Re-seating GPU, clean install of drivers with DDU, disabling all overclocks, disabling full-screen optimizations, running as administrator, disabling xmp profile, updating bios, ran stress test with occt and memtest. I have tried playing other games and there's no crashing. Is it possible that it's an issue with the game or drivers? Any help would be appreciated.

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