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Journeyman III

6900 XT blackscreens in World of Warcraft (and not only)

Since beggining of december i started having random black screens in the new expansion of world of warcraft. But they were not tied only to this game as i was playing it the most. It started happening in other games too, like league of legends or crusader kings 3.

I tried installing almost every driver since may(as prior to december i didnt have this problem) but it wasnt fixed. I was using safe mode with ddu while removing old drivers.

I upgraded to windows 11, i got a 850W psu aswell. 

I ran a benchmark for 8 hours (Heaven) and it didnt have any problems (gpu usage was at 98%).

I tried some methods i saw in comments as disabling MPO, turning off every hardware acceleration, turning off every amd adrenaline feature(free sync, sharpening etc), updating BIOS, and disabling HDCP support for my display.


I dont have a second screen anymore and i use a display port.

I cant really send it to warranty as i cannot indicate them how to reproduce the problem and in stress tests the gpu is very good, so it s a software problem(also it expires next month)

Anyone has any more solutions?(currently i run the 22.5.1 driver)

Also for those that play WOW, i get most crashes in the dungeon Azure Vault.


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