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Journeyman III

6900 XT black screens when turning on computer if valve index was left plugged in to graphics card

I saw one other similar issue on the forum regarding this but not this severe.

This is what happens:

1. leave DP cable from valve index trident plugged in to graphics card
2. turn off computer
3. turn on computer following morning
4. all monitors including inside index headset are black screens.

Even when I unplug the DP, my desktop monitors remain black and the only thing that fixes it is manually rebooting with the PC's power button. (I don't need a lecture on the risks of doing this, i've already completely corrupted my windows once doing this)

I'm coming here with this issue because steam support said it's not their problem.

Anyone know anything I can do on my end to prevent this from happening when I accidentally forget to unplug my index, or am I just screwed until AMD eventually maybe fixes it?

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