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6900 XT & SereneSxcreen Marine Aquarium 3 Grafikfehler

Habe mir eine 6900 XT Saphiere Toxic gekauft.

Windows 10 64 Bit installiert und meinen schicken

SereneSxcreen Marine Aquarium 3 installiert.

Egal welche Version vom SereneSxcreen Marine Aquarium 3 und auch egal welcher Version vom Adrenalin Treiber habe immer Grafikfehler.

Baue ich meine 3080 Ti ein keine Grafikfehler.

Eventuell jemand eine Lösung parat, weil wenn nicht, muss wieder eine NVIDIA Karte rein und die AMD Gurke muss wieder verkauft werden.

Bitte jetzt nicht Diskutieren wieso weshalb warum nimmt man heutzutage noch einen Bildschirmschoner, darüber will ich gar nichts hören.

Einfach nur, weil er geil aussieht.

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after translating your post into English you are having issues with a Screen Saver called SereneSxscreen Marine Aquarium 3 .

You mentioned Graphical errors. Can you please post what those Graphic errors are?  The Error AMD error number?

Sounds like that Screen Saver is not fully compatible with the AMD Driver you have installed.

First I would install the latest AMD version and see if that helps from here:

Second if the latest doesn't help then I would try installing a Previous AMD Driver and see if your Screen Saver starts to work from here:

Use DDU to uninstall the current AMD driver and delete the AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD before installing the new AMD driver.

Third I would contact the developers of your Screen Saver and see if they can reproduce the errors you are getting to find out what is causing those errors in AMD Driver.

I serious doubt that AMD will try to fix the AMD driver for one minor program such as a Screen Saver unless in the future it gets fixed due to other reasons.

Your best bet is to open a Support Ticket with the developers of the Screen Saver and see if they can make it compatible with the AMD driver for your GPU card.

You can also open a AMD Service Request from here:

Also fill out a AMD BUG REPORT. Here is how to do it:

EDIT: From Aquarium Support concerning installing the Screen Saver:

Screenshot 2022-06-11 234746.png


No, I will not open a support ticket with the screensaver developers because the screensaver is not to blame.

The screen saver works absolutely fine with NVidia.

have now

Adrenaline 22.10.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.2.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.2.2 Optional
Adrenaline 22.3.1 recommended ( WHQL )
Adrenaline 22.3.2 Optional
Adrenaline 22.4.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.4.2 Optional
Adrenaline 22.5.1 recommended ( WHQL )
Adrenaline 22.5.2 ( WHQL )
Adrenaline 22.5.2 Optional ( WHQL )
Adrenaline 22.6.1 optional ( WHQL )
Adrenaline 22.7.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.8.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.8.2 Optional
Adrenaline 22.9.1 Optional
Adrenaline 22.9.2 Optional

tried out

before each new installation of the driver, I played my backup on it, so that only the standard driver and newly installed Windows are on it.

All without success, graphic errors again and again

with adrenaline

image0027 Adrenalin.jpgimage0028 Adrenalin.jpgimage0029 Adrenalin.jpg
with NVidia driver no matter which version no matter if 1080 or 2060 or 2080 Ti or 3030 Ti

always works

MarineAquarium3 NVIDIA.jpg



Okay, I am sure AMD is going fix their driver for this one minor program. You should let them know so that they can work on it.

Since you tried all those driver without success and it works with Nvidia does seem to indicate something is not compatible with the Screen Saver and AMD driver.

Take care.


This is a massive problem with AMD cards! I will return to NVIDIA.


Bought 6700ХТ. The problem is exactly the same.


Und wem soll ich das melden ich dachte wenn man hier im Forum schreibt das ein Supporter oder so das sieht.



Thank you to those who have tried it.

And yes, that's exactly what I thought, reading Supporter here.

I don't just do my work and open a ticket, everything is too time-consuming for me.

You're more likely to sell AMD junk and buy an NVIDIA, as always, so at least it works.

This is how AMD messes up the few customers they have because they can't even get a driver to get a crappy screensaver to run properly.


Adept I

Unfortunately or fortunately, I returned my "Sapphire Nitro+ 6700XT" card back to the store. It's a pity for AMD's attitude towards its fans. There are a lot of complaints about their products. I won't return to their products anymore. Good luck with your choice!


I also no longer will only buy N V i d  i a like before.