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Journeyman III

6800XT new driver update on Andrenalin Radeon removes my AMD Radeon RX Vega GL driver

Well I have a Intel NUC HNK with a Radeon RX Vega GL GPU.

I have the Adrenalin Radeon release 20.02.2 , driver release of 2020.02.28 for embedded gpu in the NUC, Radeon RX Vega GL GPU.

I now have a radeon 6800XT in a RAZR CORE X EGPU.  My issue is when i update the Adrenalin software/ drivers dated Feb 1, 2021, the Radeon 6800XT GPU driver is updated and finally identified as a display via my EGPU to monitor. (it didnt recognize this with the older Adrenalin Radeon release 20.02.2,  which is understood because its an older version).

[Issue #1]: In updating the Adrenaline Feb 1, 2021, which now recognized my Radedon 6800XT display, the computer no longer recognized the Radeon RX Vega GL on my Intel NUC.  ** Please fix. I would like my driver for my NUC, which is the Radeon Vega GL. 

[Issue #2]: Even after updating the driver on my Radeon 6800 XT games do not work. For example, On my steam I have the game, GRID2 and when I try it, there is a blank , black screen.   **Please assist. 

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