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Adept I

6800XT Crashing and Poor Streaming quality when Streaming or Record with XSlpit and OBS

amd crash.jpgI have a Asus Rog 6800XT watercooled and I am running the 21.2.2 driver. When I stream on either OBS Streamlabs or Xsplit, I get very poor recording and Stream quaily when using GPU Priority. I also get complete freeze ups in Battlefield 4 with complete driver reset. I run Rage mode. I have tried 21.2.3 driver and I get even more crashes and complete "unexpected system failures" 

I have worked with both support teams with obs and xslpit and both say it is the graphics. I went and boaught a 3070 and all my issues were gone. Is there any fix for this? for what I have been reading, AMD is not ideal for Streaming and Recording.

Please Help, I would like to keep my 6800xt.

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