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6800 causing my system to restart if I try to use VR


Looking for any and all suggestions to try to sort out my 6800 issues.

I have a system I use for gaming in VR on flight simulators and a few other games.

It is an intel i5 4690k on an Asrock Z87 Pro4 motherboard with 32gb of DDR3 at 1600 ram with a 750 WATT psu.

I use a Samsung Odyssey+ HMD for VR.

I am running Windows 10 kept right up to date.

I have been using an MSI RTX 2070 graphics card with no issues whatsoever for the last 18 months.

I have just bought and installed a Powercolor Radeon RX 6800 Red Dragon .

I have loaded the AMD Adrenalin driver from 2020.

The system runs well with the card but as soon as I try to run a VR game the computer does a complete restart.

There is no blue screen or black screen just a complete restart.

I have completely removed all trace of the Nvidia drivers and all Nvidia folders from the computer including editing the registry and getting rid of all Nvidia folders there.

I have removed and reinstalled the AMD drivers.

I have tried using the AMD drivers from the latest 2021 version.

Nothing makes any difference to the end result.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator I can run the game perfectly with all settings on Ultra and it works very well on the monitor but the second I try to switch to VR mode the computer restarts.

I have tried MSFS 2020, DCS, IL2, Xplane and Half Life Alyx and none of them work in VR.


I have reinstalled the RTX 2070 graphics card and it again works perfectly well and all of the games run fine in VR and on the monitor.

I have sent the card back and the shop have tested it and they say it is fine.

When I get it back I will fit a new psu and DDu the Nvidia drivers and see if that helps.

Any suggestions for what to try when I get the card back ??

Many thanks



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