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Journeyman III

6750 XT Adrenalin issues

Hey guys, since the newest update came out 24.1.1, I am having issues with my pc. Basically the games are stuttering whenever I alt+tab to a different program, I get green artifacts whenever I switch programs and sometimes randomly and my sound gets stuttering here and there.

I thought my graphics card is dead but I am really confused since i own it for about 3 months and it was running all fine.

I used DDU and downloaded the previous drivers of December and everything is back to normal although I have some sort of latency in some games.

Is there anything I could do to fix the latency or to Basically be able to use the newest drivers since I tried to install them multiple times and whenever I installed them the issues are all back.

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Journeyman III

Same problems here. I've install the version 24.1 of driver and get same issues. I install the previous version and all normal. Try the beta version wich solve the problem with helldives 2 and the issues continues. Until AMD launch a correction still on the driver of the last year 23.12 or 23.11

Adept II

Hi there.

6700xt user here. I experienced the same thing. Had to turn off the sync, also had to change my OC/UV settings a bit. Now I have to UV a little bit less aggressively than before. I'm currently running the 24.2.1 (it's the beta that has been mentioned). With that, it's all back to "normal".

Not the best solution since UV helps the GPU to run cooler (Currently my hotspot is usually anywhere between 60-65º which is amazing) but before it was 58. Anyways, hope this helps.

Have a wonderful day, regards - Kahlimdor -



Those are my current settings. Hopefully it helps you.