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Journeyman III

6700xt Black Screen Issues

I have a 6700xt that has been giving me nothing but problems since I have bought it a month ago. I returned it and exchanged one at bestbuy for a new one thinking I just got a faulty one. Nope, this one is having the same exact issues. Whenever I am gaming it could take minutes or even hours but it never fails that my screen will go black. I can still hear sound for a few more seconds until everything freezes. Eventually my screen will come back on and I will get two error messages that state default radeon wattman settings have been restored and we detected a driver timeout has occured on your system. I have done everything I can possibly think of to fix this issue. Brand new monitor, cables, ram, power supply, SSD, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and made sure they were always up to date, I even did a clean install of windows and wiped everything. Nope still having the same issues. I'm getting really fed up with it. Does anyone know of any fix? I play world of warcraft, minecraft, and league of legends if that matters at all. Using driver version 22.8.2

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Adept II

myself and others have the same.

disabling hardware acceleration every where will help it. give this thread a read


So I am still experiencing the same issue. I have hardware acceleration disabled everywhere, granted it's happening a bit less but it almost always happens when I alt tab to a game.