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6700 (non xt) no WHQL driver?

Hi everyone,

i apologize if what i am asking is stupid but i just acquired a 6700 10GB and upon looking at downloading the drivers i noticed that a WHQL driver doesn't seem to exist. AMD only seem to offer beta drivers, which i am having problems with right now such as wattman errors, drivers timeout etc. They seem to have a WHQL for windows 7 but windows 10 and 11 don't have them. does anyone know if i can install the windows 7 drivers on windows 10 safely? Its kind of stupid they made one for windows 7 but not 10 or 11, and as a consumer i don't feel like i should have to endure beta drivers, my previous AMD card had stable drivers (6600 non xt).

Thank you in advance, and again, sorry if it seems stupid.

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that's weird. whats the difference between WHQL optional and WHQL recommended? i am assuming the optional WHQL is still a beta driver? usually i go for WHQL recommended

No...if it says is.