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Adept I

6650XT Games keep crashing


I only got my PC for about three weeks now. Everything was perfect, worked like a charm. Finally had some time again so I started a playthrough of The Witcher 3. Perfect. everything well. Played on high settings with Ray Tracing, so not asking the most out of my gpu either. Suddenly today, my game keeps crashing. I can't even start it up anymore. AMD Adrenalin keeps giving me crash reports. My GPU seems to working fine so it should be software related. There is no update available so it can't be that my drivers are outdated. 


What on earth can I do?! 

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Hello, have you seen the last days if there was any kind of update on windows update?

Do you have any example of those errors?


No there weren't. Not as far as I know at least, and even then it happend out of the blue. Midgame. I already had been playing for an hour or so as well, and the last couple days everything was good too. 


It just says: "AMD-software has detected a time-out of the drivers" or something like that


That´s the typical AMD error. There are many things that you can try:

-DDU gpu driver and install the newest (test without installing AMD software, some people say that software is messing up)

-Check if OC is stable (if you have it)

-And this topic