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Journeyman III

6500XT, Event ID 4101 amdwddmg stopped responding and black screen stuck problem.

I recently bought a 6500XT and at random times the graphics card erases itself, if you ask how do you know this, I have an APU processor and I am currently taking images from it.

I deleted the Graphics Card drivers and installed them, I deleted them with DDU and installed them. I formatted 3 times. I tried Win10 and Win11, still no difference. I tried new bios no difference. I tried reset CMOS no difference.
I tried two of the same cards and both gave the same result.

Please help me because I'll break the computer next time, it's a ridiculous problem.


B450M-A PRO MAX (ComboAM4v2PI

2x8 Ram CMK8GX4M1D3000C16

R5 3400g 4Ghz 1.38V

500Watt PSU

480gb SSD Kioxia Exceria SATA.

Sapphire PULSE RX 6500 XT 11314-01-20G


Im picking this picture from Vega 11, and 6500XT deleted. 6500XT stucked in black screen, not It does not display images, only Vega11 shows display...


"The display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


When the screen is gone and I restart the computer, it shows me the 6500XT like this.


And I have this file. If you want I can upload here.



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Adept I

I assume you have already destroyed your computer.
It is important to know what you were doing when event ID 4101 was occurring.
If you were watching Youtube or streaming videos, then this article might be the solution.

Thanks for your reply.  I returned the cards.  Coming to the problem, it was happening in any app or time. The solution to the problem is actually very simple... Returning the card.