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Journeyman III

6500 XT Driver Problem

Can't Install driver for my 6500XT and Motherboard A520M-H. 

When Installing the driver, the 2 videocard's fan stop working and lost video signal (Computer Is still active, but no Video Display).

I need to restart windows on safemode, (without display controllers), otherwise after windows 10 logon the videocard stop working. Im installing 3 computers with the same architecthure (6500xt with motherboard gigabyte a520m h and 5700G ryzen).

Tried different Windows 10 ISO (downloaded the last one from official microsoft site, and tried with oldest ISO), tried different versions of Windows 10 Drivers from AMD Site, but every time same problem, at the moment the driver install, the videocard stop working (fan stops and no display).  Like i said before i assamble 3 computers with same componentes so it's not a hardware issue, because is happening the same on all of them.  I also upgraded the motherboard bios, with no results.


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