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Journeyman III

64Kb cache files with DxCache folder in C:/AMD (wrong place)

Heyo, I have had this exact same issue 2 years ago and Im back with it, because my old method of solving this didnt work somehow. I was stoopid enough to try out windows 11, but I had controller issues there so I just wanted to install win 10 again, so I did a clean install and behold, the AMD DxCache folder was placed in the wrong place, in C:/AMD/DxCache instead in Local Appdata. So I did what helped me last time, I reinstalled windows with all other SSDs unplugged except my main OS NvMe SSD. This sadly did nothing. I tried installing Win 11 again and same thing again, DxCache folder in the wrong place and now it only generates 64Kb files. And this can cause stuttering and longer load times in many games (such as destiny). I have also tried the workaround from 2019 with registry edit and changed the shader value to 32, but that did nothing. Tried different driver versions, nothing. Reinstalled windows 4x and nothing. I have no Idea how can this issue persist since 2019 and I can not find any more informations about it than when I was finding 2 years ago

Theese were my findings from 2 years ago:

also read through this from 2019:

Is there anyone that can really help?

My build now: Asus TUF b550m plus

Gigabyte RX 5700XT

16Gb 3600MHz

256Gb Samsung EVO NvMe for the system

1Tb Blue WD NvMe for games

512Gb Sata SSD

Thank you.

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