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Journeyman III

5800X3D & 6950XT USELESS!

I have tried playing Call of Duty Vanguard, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.


My CPU and GPU do absolutely nothing to the point where the menus are so laggy I cant do anything. I have tried everything under the sun from driver roll backs to new drivers, reinstalling games, and nothing is working.

Please help me fix this. It was my birthday today and i spent all day trying to figure out how 1300 dollars just vanished.

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Maybe apply more info? 
Loads, frequencies, fps graphs, more detailed system info including "how GPU is connected to mobo", "how GPU is connected to monitor(s), "How many monitors do you have" and "what PSU are you using". 
GPU stats in different applications including most widely used for testing, like MSI Kombustor, Furmark, Heaven and Superposition. [Does GPU have similar issues in these applications or not?] 
You should know that it is almost impossible to diagnose and resolve issues without enough information.
Like setting diagnose to a person because he is telling you that he is coughing

Adept III


yes you need to state what driver are you using 22.10.3 or ? What OS ? Did you disable ULPS ? Are you using any of the presets in Adrenalin like Game / esport ? Gsync or freesync monitor ? 

When things are crazy laggy then it's almost always some problem between cpu vs gpu. Did you cap game to max 200 fps ? Read somewhere that game engine has a problem when you exceed 200 fps ! Did you enable SAM (resize bar in bios) ? Did you have nvidia before - as in left overs of drivers ?

A lot of stuff is reason for this ! Also many have problems with those exact titles and not with other games - so those 2 titles do have problems and perhaps something in the game needs to be set correct.

Adept I

I'm sorry to hear about your CPU and GPU issues, especially on your birthday. To help you, I need some details: Your computer specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, OS), Is the lag in all games or specific ones, Any recent changes or updates, Check CPU/GPU temperature, Run system diagnostics. With this info, I can provide solutions.