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Journeyman III

5700XT - Running 3 monitors. 1 has to be power cycled to resume after sleeping. With 2 it is fine.

Hello everyone,

I have 3 monitors connected to my 5700XT on the latest driver. Since getting this card I've been having the intermittent (7/10 times) issue where after my monitors go to sleep (Windows power settings, 10min) the main monitor (MSI MAG 321QCR 144Hz @2560x1440 won't wake up. I have to push the power button on it to switch it off and again to power it on. It then comes on without issue. The other monitors (Samsung Syncmasters 60Hz @@1920x1080) always come on. If I plug any 1 of the 3 monitors out, the issue disappears and  all monitors resume normally from sleep.

The obvious frustration with this is the manual intervention that is required to get my main monitor on and also that if I power cycle it all my windows that was on the main screen moves to the other monitors.

I'm not sure what is going wrong, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the different refresh rates of the monitors. But that is just a guess.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

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