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Journeyman III

5700XT fan pulsing since last driver update with custom fan curve set and working

Since the last update my MSI 5700XT pulses its fans a lot and its really really really annoying

Am currently playing Control and everytime I enter a game menu and leave it again the fan pulses to 100% and back to normal 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 times this has only started happening since I updated to latest patch yesterday.

It seems to be spiking the fans on use rather than heat, playing the game card runs at 90/95c running above or at 90% then when entering a menu then card drops to 5/20% usage and heat drops to between 50c and 70c then on leaving menu card spikes to 100% usage and temp jumps 15/20c and card pulses to 100% and back to fan curve 1/2/3 times.

This does not happen unless I enter a menu and leave again, no pulse while playing or entering the menu it just hates spikes in usage now for some reason

Edit: Menu usage can be from 5 to 60 % depending on what game menu always a fan spike though


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Journeyman III

Figured it out, turns out the tuning profile that I loaded for my fan settings had a very aggressive fan curve in the middle temps, that is not how I saved it and it was loading fine in previous version.

So it was at 40% for 30c and same for 70c and then 70% for 80c.

Made it 40% at 55c and removed the 70c for a more gradual rise to 70% at 80c and 100% at 95c