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Adept I

5700xt drivers problem. Only 20.9.1 works for me without problem

Hello, i have problem with new drivers, newer when 20.9.1. Stutters, lags, etc. For example i can show LatencyMon results. 20.9.1 and 21.4.1 / 21.5.1 / 21.5.2

20.9.1 - all works fine, just sometimes random 1-2 hard pagefaults with high latency



21.4.1 and newer- stuttering. 



I always use AMDcleaunup utility before install drivers. Anyone have same problem, or solutions? 

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Journeyman III

Hello Kegami,


i have the same problems with newer versions. My last version that works fine is 20.10.1. I get similar latencys of 27500 and already reported my problem to the amd support. I'm writing with them since a few months and I actually have sound cracks and pops. I'm now in contact with a specialist from amd. At the beginning amd thought it is a problem with my dac driver, but i get the same problems without the dac and driver. I'm just not able to hear the cracks and pops.

If i know something new I will tell you about it.