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Journeyman III

5700xt driver update 240hz monitor refresh rate locked at 60hz.


Twice i have updated my drivers and both times I have had this issue where my 240hz moni`tor gets locked at 60hz. There is no other dropdown settings within windows monitor settings for screen refresh rate. The latest driver I installed was 20.11.3. I am using a Alienware AW2521Hf. The way i got around it last time was deleting drivers and reinstalling to a older version. 

If anyone can shed some light on this that would be great.


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Possibility A: The driver is just not loading right. So try the following and sorry in advance for wasting your time if this does not work.

Have the driver you want to install downloaded.

Run DDU from wagnardsoft dot com, from safe mode with the Internet disabled. Just unplug or turn off the router or modem is fine.

Restart after running DDU to normal but still have the Internet disabled. 

Then install the driver again don't use express settings. Use Factory Reset and that should get you going again.

Possibility B: The new driver has a bug.

In Radeon Settings there is a Bug Report tool you can submit the issue or

You can contact AMD support here:


Then go back and DDU and return to a driver that worked and use Factory Reset when installing.

Good Luck!


Good Luck!