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Journeyman III

5700xt crash and issues on old and new games

Hi everyone, hope everyone is safe and well. Like many of you im going stir crazy in isolation  so i had a wonderful idea to replace my 2011 intel build with an AMD one.

ROG Crosshair hero viii  X570 wifi with ryzen 3990x cpu

Corsair 80 Plus Titanium ax850

32gb ram g.skill 3600

Gigabyte aorus 5700xt

 evo 970 plus as boot drive

Kept my old asus monitor with 2560 x 1440 but fps seems fixed at 60

Win 10 pro, i bought an oem version cd but installed from usb key

Fractal define 7 mid tower

Sadly, expecting to have fun playing old and new games has not materialized.

While my old intel nvidia 1050 card runs perfectly the new build goes down fast.

My fav game is old as heck, l4d2, but i can no longer play it at my native resolution. It will load the first chapter of any map and then crash to desktop with sound going endlessly, task manager to end process. Just not the same look and feel at this lower res.

As for new games which ran sluggish on old build, i cant run res evil 3 demo at all, fatal exit every time.

Have tried older drivers but to no avail, one of the 2019 actually gave corrupted graphics and was uninstalled in safe mode. I also uninstalled the radeon software bloat and installed the driver thru device manager.

Im not getting anywhere, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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