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5700 XT System Freeze at Windows 7 Boot after 19.7.2 Installation

I know there must be so many questions just like this, but none of the solutions I tried did anything.

I've recently upgraded my RX 580 to a 5700 XT while running Windows 7 x64. After upgrading and the first time boot, I checked for any BIOS updates, there were none so I assumed everything was okay. When I logged into Windows 7, obviously the drivers wouldn't work and the display adapter would be "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" (When no other drivers are available). After running the latest version of the drivers (19.7.2 I believe), everything installed normally, I allowed the display driver to install and rebooted. However, after we see the familiar "Starting Windows" animation with the logo coming together, as soon as the logo had been created, the system stays for about 20 seconds then powers off with no blue screen or message. I booted into safe mode to check the issue and the culprit had been the 5700 XT's drivers. After uninstalling, the system booted.

No matter what I try, I result in the same power off.

If anyone asks, I've tried these steps so far.

-Used DDU to wipe any traces of the driver and then reinstall.

-Reset the BIOS to default settings.

-Install only the display driver using the standard Windows update driver.

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** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All 'critical', 'recommended', and 'optional' (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message .... keep installing until you do:


What if there's updates you don't want to install? Like the one that messes up Asus mainboards for example.


I have Win7....fully updated. 


Then you have a lot of Micro$oft telemetry going on. I have 21 updates I don't install for various reasons. Another big one for me is a update that screws up my printer.


Just checked now, found a Monthly Rollup which did NOT solve the issue. No other updates are available.

Also, I just tried this on a temporary full install of Windows 10 which resulted in a freeze during startup.


Is your PSU big enough for the 5700XT? It draws 100 more watts than the RX580. Installing AMD's drivers could cause the card to draw more power.

Could you install AMD drivers in Windows 10 or did it freeze before you had the chance?

Try installing your old card. If it works pack up the 5700XT and send it back. It's suppose to work right out of the box.

What 100W more? 5700XT draws literally 10-15W more than RX 580


On AMD site it says minimum psu for the RX 580 is 500 watts. It's 600 watts for the 5700XT  on AMD's site. I'd post the links but being a weekend this reply wouldn't show up till Monday.


Either way, I’m certain that power isn’t an issue. After trying about 3 times I got Windows 10 to work just fine. However, Windows 7 will still not accept the drivers and continue to shutdown during startup.

I think I have a 750w power supply anyway.


I will NEVER understand how this works. Okay so after 8 tries on Windows 7 suddenly it decides to be nice and boot properly with full driver support.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my issues.

Adept I

Possible fix/troubleshooting help.

Try a different monitor!

My Issues were occurring while hooked up to a smart TV through HDMI. (I was unable to get to desktop before the screen glitched out and went black)

I brought my rig to a buddy and after he hooked up his older 1080p 60hz monitors, I saw zero display issues while using the same AMD Display Drivers that were blacking out with the TV. (This includes running a game flawlessly, plus, I was able to get into Adrenaline settings and play with the fan curve without issue.)

I have not yet been able to test out my ultra-wide 1440p 100hz monitor yet, but if that works/gives issues, I will try to lock the refresh rate to 60hz and test/tune from there.

My buddy told me to take a look at the monitor hardware settings through the AMD Adrenaline program. If you are able to see a wonky refresh rate listed for the monitor, that may be your issue (assuming your system is stable enough to even open Adrenaline).

If you cannot get it stable enough to open up Adrenaline, test with a 60hz monitor, or see if you can go into your monitor settings and lock it to 60hz.