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Drivers & Software

Re: 5700 XT vs. Windows 7

I will NEVER understand how this works. Okay so after 8 tries on Windows 7 suddenly it decides to be nice and boot properly with full driver support.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply to my issues.

Adept I

Re: 5700 XT System Freeze at Windows 7 Boot after 19.7.2 Installation

Possible fix/troubleshooting help.

Try a different monitor!

My Issues were occurring while hooked up to a smart TV through HDMI. (I was unable to get to desktop before the screen glitched out and went black)

I brought my rig to a buddy and after he hooked up his older 1080p 60hz monitors, I saw zero display issues while using the same AMD Display Drivers that were blacking out with the TV. (This includes running a game flawlessly, plus, I was able to get into Adrenaline settings and play with the fan curve without issue.)

I have not yet been able to test out my ultra-wide 1440p 100hz monitor yet, but if that works/gives issues, I will try to lock the refresh rate to 60hz and test/tune from there.

My buddy told me to take a look at the monitor hardware settings through the AMD Adrenaline program. If you are able to see a wonky refresh rate listed for the monitor, that may be your issue (assuming your system is stable enough to even open Adrenaline).

If you cannot get it stable enough to open up Adrenaline, test with a 60hz monitor, or see if you can go into your monitor settings and lock it to 60hz.