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Journeyman III

5700 XT Nitro+ shadow issues. driver or gpu ?

Hi there,
as many of us i got some problems since i got this card.
I had a Asus Strix 1080 Ti before. I gifted it to my brother and got the AMD card.


- The Witcher 3 is crashing from time to time. Short greenscreen ( like a 10th of a second, then black screen, then crash to desktop without any error message)
It only happens in certain scenes or quests. I could work around this by setting the graphic settings to low for a while and get back to high settings after i finished the quest or changed the environment.


I thought ok ... if that's the only issue i'm fine with it.


But then i started to see ... well i don't even know how to call it ? shadow glitches maybe ?
like flickering, pixelated shadows which don't go smooth from dark to darker dark. i can clearly see like 3-4 different tones of color in it and it just looks awful. sadly i can't show it with screenshots because it only happens when things are in motion. shadows in a distant behaving unnatural and being in places where they shouldn't be.
when getting closer they kind of reset and suddenly are where they should be.


I got the shadow thing going on in other games as well like
- Divinity 2 Original Sin
- Resident Evil 2
- Dragons Dogma
- Dark Souls Series
- Project Cars 2

- Vermintide 2
- TW:Warhammer 2


Games that worked fine so far ( at least i couldn't see weird things happening )
- Dragon Ball FighterZ
- Grim Dawn

- Diablo 3

the next thing i could clearly see in the witcher 3 and to a lesser amount in other games.
Texture loading into a different color ( a darker shade ) when i get closer to them.


i tried everything i could since about a week.
DDU, fresh windows install, undervolting, overvolting, underclocking, playing in lower resolution, every possible setting ingame, Bios update, etc.
also i fresh installed win10 and didn't touch any software like MSI afterburner etc. not even wattman.
nothing worked. 
then i put the 1080ti back in, uninstalled amd drivers, installed the newest nvidia ones. tested all the games and everything was fine. no weird shadows, no flickering. and then i realized that even the lighting was somewhat off on the 5700 XT because on the geforce it looked more natural and better.


now my question is, is it the driver or could it be my card having a memory issue ?
if it's the driver when will it be fixed ? because i just can't play like that. everything looks off and wrong to me.
probably gonna get a used 1080 ti again if i can't get it to work in the next weeks.


my system :


Gigabyte Aorus Elite (newest bios)
32 GB RAM 3200 MHZ G.Skill RipJawsX
AMD 3800X @stock
AMD Sapphire 5700 XT (stock) bios preset 1 (performance)
600W BeQuiet Gold PSU
970 EVO m2.nvme SSD


I'm playing on 4K resolution @60Hz


maybe one of you guys can help me to find a solution.
i was really excited to get a AMD GPU again ... now this .. meh :/