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5700 XT - Just Cause 3 - DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_RESET

My error

Playing Just Cause 3 crashes with this error the most often. The bug seems to be easiest to reproduce when I'm using the game's map (Tab menu); just zooming in and out triggers it a lot. A screenshot of the popup error is below.


I also said above that I've had this bug the most often. I've also experienced the irrecoverable black screens that other users have complained about as well as occasional BSODs (although BSODs haven't happened since the last driver update, yet). I'll also add that whenever I try to just reboot the game, the sound doesn't work until I restart my computer.

My system 

I'm using the 20.2.1 driver currently, which does have this bug. I've also seen it in a number of the previous driver versions too.

Please fix this! Thank you.

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Adept II

Did you try DDU (Display Driver Unistaller) and than install latest drivers?

AMD Software is really weak in some points if you have a few of some older versions in your system cause there is always staying somethin from the older version on your PC, than there can arise bugs or stability issues, i had alot of issues with my RX5700XT but after i used DDU and than install the latest software most bugs and problems where gone!

Also performed a complete fresh install of windows and that worked great! ( i perform at least once a year a complete fresh install) most bugs or problems are solved than this also works with bugs within windows.

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No. I just looked into what DDU was, tried it, and it failed. I spent over an hour and couldn't even boot into Safe Mode, since Windows, being the trash that it is, wouldn't let me

  1. log in with my PIN (It's recommended!)
  2. log in with my Microsoft account password (because even with networking on, the WiFi doesn't come on and I don't have wired)
  3. log in with the local password I set on practically every new machine and VM I create

So no, DDU isn't fixing that. Windows hurt itself in its confusion.

Also, I'm not resetting Windows. I'd sooner install Manjaro and buy an Nvidia graphics card because resorting to that is ridiculous to expect of consumers. I've gotten better stability in Ubuntu---the only reason why I have Windows is that games are all that it's good for. I'm really considering returning my GPU over this. And it's really upsetting that Newegg has a no return + 30-day replacement policy on the GPU because I can't return it anymore.

Thanks for the tips, but this is really just a bug report.