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Adept I

5700 xt index crashes??

i just got my vavle index i am very happy in the overall quality but i do have various issue so far i have a 2600x and a 5700 xt both running in a open loop with all ekwb water cooling parts so i know that it isnt the temps on my parts.....what will happen excatly is that i will launch steam VR no isssues then i will launch pavlov again no isssue but when i click online play and join any lobby my pc will go black on the screen and the headset sometimes i have audio sometimes i dont but i can play all my other major vr title online and offline but pavlov is one of my favorite and i hate having issue it did this also on the rift s so i know it is drivers or game software.. if anyone can help or has the same issue please lets make it known and more widespread for a fix...

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Adept II