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Journeyman III

Re: 5700 XT hdmi sound drops cuts

And thanks to all above for your efforts aswell. None worked for me except this fix that took me hours to work out. Thank you, and good gaming people ;)

Journeyman III

Re: 5700 XT hdmi sound drops cuts

I'll repost here too: There are 3 pseudo-solution for this appart from going team green.

- Download and activate the dolby (the free version) : downsides sound still drop but muting, unmute kinda work.
- Put load on the card, like light benchmark as an old furmark : downsides > fan noise, power consumption.

- Try to go DP to HDMI, either directly with a cable or with an active adaptor : downsides > sometimes sound get distorted with noise, Often after a wake up from sleep. Just press mute and unmute. Also you may have good sound only in 1920x1080, 720 will be distorted, under 800x600 : no sound over 1080p can get some cut, over 1440 no sound again

THANK AMD FOR THIS! I wonder how you can still have the HDMI compliance... 

This is not really a software bug, it's a driver/hardware bug, ' seems like AMD cannot find out how to cope with their DPC latency and ISR execution time.