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Adept I

5700 XT freesync causes "no sensors" crash

I've read about what seems to be endless variations of this, with freesync, without fressync, with 75Hz displays, or just booting and having no sensor data and a card in an unmanaged state.  But mine seems to manifest a little bit differently.

The just of it is, aside from getting into a state where my desktop flicekrs like mad (always when changing settings in order to debug this hot mess) the card seems to be stable, at least in that I'm not getting bluescreens.  But, what does happen is, any time I enable freesync, and then enter a game or demo, immediately upon exiting back to the desktop applications lose all access to the card's sensors and it goes into that "unmanaged" mode where performance is tanked and the fans behave oddly.

I'm using a dual screen setup with two 144Hz screens on DP 1/2.

The lower the screen refresh, the faster this occurs.  At 144Hz, it happens when exiting the game.  At 120/100Hz it happens a few seconds after the game starts.  At 60Hz it happens almost immediately upon entering the game.  Another oddity here is that aside from rebooting, there's no way to fix this state EXCEPT in 144Hz, where the sensor readings seem to return a few seconds after re-entering the game, and then disappear again when exiting the game.

This happens on every driver I've tried.  

Has anyone else seen this behavior?  If so, were you able to make any sense of it or work around it?  I'd like to actually use freesync since I specifically bought that card for that feature.

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Adept III

Have you RMA the card? And what drivers have you tested? 9.7.5 or 9.9.2?


I'm still deciding if I should RMA it.  Does it sound like a hardware issue?

I've tried 19.7.5, 19.8.1, 19.8.2, 19.9.1 and 19.9.2 which I'm currently on.

Another odd thing that I've noticed is that my monitors think I'm in FreeSync mode even when it's disabled in Radeon Settings.  I can't enable or disable it from my screen OSD but it will show the horizontal frequency as either 144Hz or FreeSync.  When the AMD drivers uninstalled and using the basic windows display drivers it reads 144Hz, but after installing the AMD drivers it shows as FreeSync regardless of whether that setting is on or off in the settings app.

Everything continues to work fine with it "disabled" however.

There other users reporting problems with 75hz, few issues were fixed with 9.9.2 drivers. I was on 19.9.1, constant BSOD, then installed 19.7.3 with occasional boot hangs. Now I'm on 9.9.2. I've just enabled 75hz with HW accel disabled in Chrome and Firefox. I haven't tested video games yet but I report back my findings.

Adept I

Figured I'd update this in case.

I'm curious to find out if anyone has had any success getting this card to work with dual monitors and FreeSync in any configuration.  I did some testing with each individual screen and the other detached and everything seems to work well enough.  As soon as I hook them both up, this issue immediately returns.  

I also discovered that I can't really use enhanced sync with two monitors either.  I'll get random flickering on the second monitor while gaming (the one not in full screen mode) and then when I exit the game I get two black screens and a hard freeze.